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Upgrading Control Center

Upgrading from version 3.0.0

NOTE: the upgrade process will delete historical stream monitoring data older than the configured retention time ( for the stream monitoring topic.

  1. Stop the Control Center process

  2. Copy the 3.0.0 configuration file

    $ sudo cp /etc/confluent-control-center/ /etc/confluent-control-center/
  3. Upgrade to version 3.0.1

    $ # Via yum
    $ sudo yum update confluent-control-center
    $ # Via apt-get
    $ sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade confluent-control-center
  4. Reset the application (deleting internal state)

    $ # Use the same properties file you used to launch Control Center
    $ /usr/bin/control-center-3_0_0-reset /etc/confluent-control-center/
  5. Edit the Control Center properties file. Some configuration property names have changed

    • Change from 0 to 1. This isn’t strictly necessary but a good precaution in case any step of the reset failed.
  6. Start Control Center

    $ /usr/bin/control-center-start /etc/confluent-control-center/