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Upgrade Guide

Upgrading from CP 3.0.0 (Kafka to CP 3.0.1 (Kafka


Confluent Kafka Streams is a bug fix release and has no breaking changes.

  • Backward-compatible to CP 3.0.0 clusters (Kafka Kafka Streams applications built with CP 3.0.1 (Kafka will work with existing Kafka clusters running CP 3.0.0 (Kafka
  • Forward-compatible to CP 3.0.1 clusters (Kafka Existing Kafka Streams applications built with CP 3.0.0 (Kafka will work with upgraded Kafka clusters running CP 3.0.1 (Kafka

Upgrading your Kafka Streams applications to CP 3.0.1

To make use of CP 3.0.1 (Kafka, you just need to update the Kafka Streams dependency of your application to use the version number, and then recompile your application.

For example, in your pom.xml file:

    <!-- update version from to -->

Full upgrade workflow

A typical workflow for upgrading Kafka Streams applications from CP 3.0.0 to CP 3.0.1 has the following steps:

  1. Upgrade your application: See upgrade instructions above.
  2. Stop the old application: Stop the old version of your application, i.e. stop all the application instances that are still running the old version of the application.
  3. Start the upgraded application: Start the upgraded version of your application, with as many instances as needed. By default, the upgraded application will resume processing its input data from the point where the old version was stopped (see previous step).