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Version 3.1.1

No changes

Version 3.1.0

JDBC Source Connector

  • PR-148 - Update licenses, tweaking some dependency scopes, files to include in packaging, and ensuring the create-licenses scope can run cleanly without extra manual steps.
  • PR-144 - CC-263: Prevent retrying queries with a broken connection
  • PR-140 - CC-331: Config option doc updates
  • PR-129 - CC-311: support for Decimal logical type as incrementing column
  • PR-128 - Fix short version in
  • PR-109 - Ability to set the schema pattern for tables metadata retrieval
  • PR-122 - supporting tinyint for primary key
  • PR-110 - Added link to Confluent documentation for the connector.
  • PR-49 - CC-69: support nanoseconds precision for timestamp-based offset tracking
  • PR-96 - CC-243: use Long for nanos in offset map rather than Integer
  • PR-93 - Fix thread-safety of date/time conversions in DataConverter
  • PR-87 - Clean up table types documentation config and include it in a group with display attributes.
  • PR-37 - Exposed Table Types as a config
  • PR-85 - Add table.blacklist display name

JDBC Sink Connector

New in 3.1.0

Version 3.0.1

JDBC Source Connector

  • PR-88 - Close all ResultSets in JdbcUtils
  • PR-94 - add version.txt to share/doc

Version 3.0.0

JDBC Source Connector

  • PR-73 - Update doc for CP 3.0.
  • PR-66 - Task config should not show up in connector config.
  • PR-59 - Add schema evolution in doc.
  • PR-55 - Use new config definition.
  • PR-53 - Adding checkstyle checks and the traditional minor fixes related.
  • PR-51 - Add config to disable non-null checks.
  • PR-50 - Bump version to 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT and Kafka dependency to
  • PR-48 - Delayed copy.
  • PR-45 - Added some logging.