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NOTE: the upgrade process will not preserve historical stream monitoring data older than the configured retention time ( for the stream monitoring topic.

Upgrading from version 3.0.x

  1. Upgrade Kafka brokers to CP 3.1

  2. Upgrade the monitoring interceptors in all Kafka clients to CP 3.1

  3. Stop the Control Center process

  4. Copy the 3.0.x configuration file

    $ sudo cp /etc/confluent-control-center/ /etc/confluent-control-center/
  5. Upgrade Control Center packages to CP 3.1

  6. Reset the application (deleting internal state)

    $ # Use the same properties file you used to launch Control Center
    $ # From 3.0.1
    $ /usr/bin/control-center-3_0_1-reset /etc/confluent-control-center/
    $ # From 3.0.0
    $ /usr/bin/control-center-3_0_0-reset /etc/confluent-control-center/
  7. Edit the Control Center properties file. Some configuration property names have changed

    • If you had set the parameter, we suggest changing the value to reflect the new version (e.g. _confluent-controlcenter-3-1-0). This isn’t strictly necessary but a good precaution in case any step of the reset failed.
    • If you do not want to re-process any historical stream monitoring data (which can take some time), set
  8. Start Control Center

    $ /usr/bin/control-center-start /etc/confluent-control-center/