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Command Reference


The Confluent CLI is meant for development purposes only and is not suitable for a production environment. The data that are produced are transient and are intended to be temporary.

Available Commands

The available commands are:

Command Description
confluent acl Specify an ACL for a service.
confluent config View or set connector configuration properties.
confluent current Print the filesystem path of the data and logs of the services managed by the current Confluent run. If such a path does not exist, it will be created.
confluent destroy Delete an existing Confluent run.
confluent help Print command information.
confluent list List all available services or plugins.
confluent load Load a bundled connector with a predefined name or custom connector.
confluent log View a snapshot or tail the log of a service.
confluent start Start Confluent Platform services.
confluent stop Stop services.
confluent top View service resource usage.
confluent unload Unload a connector.

To list available commands, run confluent with no parameters:

confluent: A command line interface to manage Confluent services

Usage: confluent <command> [<subcommand>] [<parameters>]

These are the available commands:

    acl         Specify acl for a service.
    config      Configure a connector.
    current     Get the path of the data and logs of the services managed by the current confluent run.
    destroy     Delete the data and logs of the current confluent run.
    list        List available services.
    load        Load a connector.
    log         Read or tail the log of a service.
    start       Start all services or a specific service along with its dependencies
    status      Get the status of all services or the status of a specific service along with its dependencies.
    stop        Stop all services or a specific service along with the services depending on it.
    top         Track resource usage of a service.
    unload      Unload a connector.

'confluent help' lists available commands. See 'confluent help <command>' to read about a
specific command.

Environment Variables

The Confluent CLI supports the CONFLUENT_CURRENT environment variable, which can be set dynamically. For more information, see Installing and Configuring the CLI.

To configure properties for specific services via environment variable, use the given prefix for the corresponding service:

Service Prefix
Kafka $KAFKA_
Schema Registry $SCHEMA_REGISTRY_
Kafka Connect $CONNECT_

For example, to set the system property when starting Kafka Connect, run the command:

export CONNECT_OPTS=""
confluent start connect

and to set the same system property when invoking Kafka core, run the command:

export KAFKA_OPTS=""
confluent start kafka

The Apache Kafka startup scripts for Kafka Connect (bin/ and bin/ use variables prefixed with $KAFKA_ (e.g. $KAFKA_OPTS and $KAFKA_LOG4J_OPTS). For simplicity, the Confluent CLI uses $CONNECT_ for Kafka Connect settings and $KAFKA_ for core Kafka settings.