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Kafka REST Security Plugin


This is a Confluent Enterprise-only feature.

Kafka REST Proxy allows producing and consuming messages through a REST interface. The security plugin adds the capability to authenticate the incoming request, build the principal and then propagate the same to the requests to Kafka using the configured security mechanism. The authorization is enforced through Kafka ACL’s.


Kafka REST Security plugin and ACLs do not work with the V1 consumer APIs since it uses a simple consumer which doesn’t support Kafka Security.


These JAR files must be available in the classpath of the Kafka REST deployment. You can get the files by following the download instructions at Security Plugin Installation.

  • confluent-security-plugins-common-<version>.jar
  • confluent-kafka-rest-security-plugin-<version.jar

Once the installation is done, the plugins can be activated by adding the following config in the Kafka REST config file

Fully qualified class name of a valid implementation of the interface RestResourceExtension. This can be used to inject user defined resources like filters. Typically used to add custom capability like logging, security, etc

  • Type: string
  • Default: “”
  • Importance: low

Authentication Mechanisms

The authentication mechanism for the incoming requests is determined by the .propagate.method config. The only only supported mechanism at present is SSL. It is required to set the ssl.client.auth to true in the Kafka REST config to use the SSL mechanism. Failing which, all requests would be rejected with a HTTP error code of 403.

The incoming X500 principal from the client is used as the principal while interacting with all requests to the Kafka Broker. While connecting to the broker, the authentication happens via SSL/SASL depending on the value of in the Kafka REST config. The details of how the propagation happens and how the security needs to be configured can be found at Principal Propagation

On a high level, the following are required for each of the security protocols:

  • SSL - keystore loaded with all certificates corresponding to all required principal; configured via client.ssl.keystore.type
  • SASL - JAAS config file with KafkaClient section containing all principals along with

its login module and options; configured via

Refer to Kafka Security for more details.


The mechanism used to authenticate REST Proxy requests. When broker security is enabled, the principal from this authentication mechanism is propagated to Kafka broker requests.

  • Type: string
  • Default: “SSL”
  • Importance: low

Confluent will issue a license key to each subscriber. The license key will be a short snippet of text that you can copy and paste. Without the license key, you can use Confluent Security Plugins for a 30-day trial period. If you are a subscriber and don’t have a license key, please contact Confluent Support at

  • Type: string
  • Default: “”
  • Importance: high