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Version 3.3.0

Confluent Control Center

  • Sped up restore time
  • Reduced the size of old data over long periods of time
  • Upgraded to use new admin client (KIP-117)
  • Alert UI should render better alert information
  • Triggers are createable directly though the UI on System Health
  • Massive performance improvements to Stream Monitoring UI
  • Fixed various time range display/selection bugs; persist time ranges though navigation
  • Nonconfigurable form values being sent to Connect via UI should remain and be visible prior to submit

Version 3.2.2

Confluent Control Center

  • Added shutdown script.
  • Force faster compaction and cleanup on changelog topics.
  • Several Streams improvements to reduce state-store restoration time after unclean shutdown.
  • Reduce the volume of data to be restored to state-stores on startup.
  • Fixed possible concurrency problem in setting RocksDB configuration options.
  • Fixed possible deadlock on exception after streams startup.

Version 3.2.1

Confluent Control Center

  • Enabled HTTP compression by default.
  • Fixed possible deadlock on streams exception.
  • Fixed fd leak when communicating with Kafka.
  • Update defaults for monitoring producers to be more resilient.
  • Prevent inadvertently creating misconfigured topics during startup during a failure.
  • Check Kafka version at startup.
  • Reduce minimum startup time.
  • More efficient duplicate checking to reduce write amplification.
  • Handle ‘hidden’ connect configs. This allows Control Center to manage Connectors that do not fully enumerate their configs.
  • Ensure users only see invalid license warning if their license is invalid.
  • Fixed topic display bug that would prevent topic details from showing.
  • Reduced logging in js.
  • Allow users to close missing data modal dialogs.
  • Better rendering of System Health metrics especially when some data is missing.
  • Better validation of triggers, actions, and connector configs.
  • Faster processing of trigger and action creation and update.
  • Corrected some misleading labels on System Health.
  • Better error handling around Connect communications.
  • Change default timespan in UI to 4 hours.
  • Check and warn about errors on Topic Management page.

Version 3.2.0

Confluent Control Center

  • Add capabilities to monitor brokers instrumented with Confluent Metrics Reporter.
  • Enable alerting on broker and topic metrics.
  • Add UI for viewing topic information.
  • Add status UI for tracking internal progress.
  • Fixed bug where we could inadvertently show license expired message.
  • Fixed bugs with alert trigger creation in UI.
  • Fixed issue with parsing certain error conditions from Connect.

Version 3.1.0

Confluent Control Center

  • Enable gathering stream monitoring data from multiple clusters.
  • Support alerting on stream monitoring conditions.
  • Ability to restrict UI access via user login.

Version 3.0.1

Confluent Control Center

  • Improved data fetching from the browser.
  • Handle authenticated/authorized Kafka clusters.
  • Bug fix for running in daemon mode.
  • More efficient topic creation at startup.
  • Reduced number of necessary topics/rocksdbs for aggregations.
  • Reduced total amount of stored data.
  • Fixed timing issues when receiving delayed data.
  • Configs updates to prefix kafka/rest configs.
  • Added rate limit for logging to prevent logsize blowup.
  • Allow deleting connector in UI.