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Version 3.3.0

  • Upgrade avro to 1.8.2
  • PR-561 - Use TO_AVRO_LOGICAL_CONVERTERS to convert default values that are Kafka connect logical data types to internal format which correspond to schema type. Logic copied from AvroData fromConnectData
  • PR-549 - Replace usage of deprecated ZkUtils.DefaultAcls()
  • Allow for some retries when validating that all nodes have the same master
  • Relocate Avro serdes under a new avro package
  • Increment Magic Byte for SchemaKey and add compatibility tests
  • Add Delete Schema support
  • Added avro-serde for Kafka Streams. Pulled from the example project.
  • #506 - The AvroMessageFormatter passes byte[] to an Avro encoder, but Avro only likes ByteBuffer. So we need to ByteBuffer.wrap() instead.
  • Added optional config to override the one automatically created by the Schema Registry
  • PR-476 - Adapt to KAFKA-4636 changes: Per listener security settings overrides (KIP-103)

Version 3.2.1

  • PR-503 - CLIENTS-244: Update 3.2.0 changelog
  • PR-499 - making sure Schema Registry doesn’t start with uncompacted topic
  • PR-497 - CLIENTS-103: Fix ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in SchemaRegistryPerformance by counting the registration attempt even if it failed.
  • PR-493 - Fixes for CLIENTS-257
  • PR-494 - MINOR: Add compact schemas topic doc
  • PR-458 - CLIENTS-104: Add a few retries during startup to allow for slow metadata propagation after creating the _schemas topic.

Version 3.2.0

  • PR-428 - Maven Checkstyle
  • PR-425 - Logical Type support
  • PR-440 - Documentation changes to reflect pull request 415
  • PR-451 - Generalize schema incompatibility message.
  • PR-457 - Update ClusterTestHarness to use o.a.k.common.utils.Time.
  • PR-458 - CLIENTS-104: Add a few retries during startup to allow for slow metadata propagation after creating the _schemas topic.
  • PR-464 - Improve request URL building in client
  • PR-465 - Add topic to error string to make debugging easier.
  • PR-448 - Fixes the following avro issues (complex union, document preservation, output schema != input schema)
  • PR-468 - CC-443: AvroData’s caches should be synchronized for thread-safety
  • PR-473 - Fix build to work post KIP-103.
  • PR-474 - Fix broker endpoint extraction to correctly translate to the non-ListenerName version that clients use to initiate broker connections.
  • PR-472 - Handle primitive types when specific.avro.reader is true
  • PR-477 - Docchangefor3.2
  • PR-488 - Don’t re-invoke SchemaBuilder.version() and if the value has already been set.
  • PR-494 - MINOR: Add compact schemas topic doc

Version 3.1.1

No changes

Version 3.1.0

Schema Registry

  • PR-429 - Moving licenses and notices to a new format, generated by an internal script.
  • PR-415 - Option to apply fully transitive schema compatibility checking
  • PR-412 - Require bash since we use some bashisms and fix a copyright.
  • PR-396 - ZooKeeper and Kafka SASL support.
  • PR-384 - Update the link to Google Java code Style
  • PR-372 - Update KafkaStore to use moved TopicExistsException class.
  • PR-373 - Added get all subjects.
  • PR-364 - Increase testing timeouts from 5000ms to 15000ms
  • PR-346 - configured log4j to write to log file

Serializers, Formatters, and Converters

  • PR-403 - CLIENTS-101: Document wire format for Avro.
  • PR-379 - Maven plugin
  • PR-355 - Adding support for Fixed data types
  • PR-352 - Fix schemas.cache.config can’t be overrided

Version 3.0.1

Schema Registry

  • PR-369 - Introducing a new config: kafkastore.bootstrap.servers
  • PR-371 - Fixing a bug where the listener port wasn’t used in ZooKeeper
  • PR-390 - Include cURL output in quickstart
  • PR-392 - Fix schemes used for listeners

Serializers, Formatters, and Converters

  • PR-363 - 3.0.x duplicate schema support
  • PR-365 - Fix API compatibility regression from #363
  • PR-378 - Support null namespace for Array of Records

Version 3.0.0

Schema Registry

  • PR-212 - change the documentation on port to have a high priority and list it higher up in the docs
  • PR-298 - Bump version to 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT and Kafka dependency to
  • PR-300 - Using the new 0.9 Kafka consumer.
  • PR-302 - Fix build to handle rack aware changes in Kafka.
  • PR-305 - Update to match changed methods in CoreUtils
  • PR-317 - Change the ‘’ importance to high
  • PR-319 - KafkaStore SSL support.
  • PR-320 - API reference uses ‘integer’ Avro type which isn’t supported. ‘int’ is supported.
  • PR-329 - https support.

Serializers, Formatters, and Converters

  • PR-264 - Add null checks to json serializer/deserializer
  • PR-274 - Add support for Avro projections in decoders
  • PR-275 - Fixed references to confluent common version
  • PR-276 - Unit tests and bugfix for NPE when using nested optional fields
  • PR-278 - Test cases for optional nested structs
  • PR-280 - Fix fromConnectData for optional complex types
  • PR-290 - Issue #284 Cannot set max.schemas.per.subject due to cast exception
  • PR-297 - Allows any CharSequence implementation to be considered a string
  • PR-318 - Minor cleanup
  • PR-323 - Fix #142 - handle parsing non-json responses in the RestService
  • PR-332 - Add status storage topic to Connect Avro sample config.

Version 2.0.1

Schema Registry

  • PR-286 - Update Kafka version to

Version 2.0.0

Schema Registry

  • PR-141 - Incorrect path to file for simple zip file layout
  • PR-143 - schema-registry-start does not work with -daemon argument
  • PR-152 - Added point about Google code style to Readme.
  • PR-163 - Expose more information when registry fails to start
  • PR-165 - Add compatibility support for SchemaRegistryClient
  • PR-167 - Update the versionCache with a new schemaVersionMap for a subject
  • PR-169 - Use correct URL to update compatibility setting of a subject
  • PR-180 - GH-177: Remove unneeded content-type headers for GET ops in quickstart and README
  • PR-184 - Support multiple registry urls in client
  • PR-186 - Rename LocalSchemaRegistryClient to make it clear it is only intended to be used as a mock in tests. Fixes #185.
  • PR-187 - Correct example response for POST /subjects/(string: subject)/versions
  • PR-188 - Address GH-168; enable unit testing of CachedSchemaRegistryClient
  • PR-195 - Fixed typo in Exception message
  • PR-196 - Require Java 7
  • PR-197 - Enable test code sharing
  • PR-198 - Update jersey, jackson and junit versions to match rest-utils
  • PR-202 - Correct minor docs error in example response
  • PR-203 - Issue 194 rename main
  • PR-207 - Issue #170: PUT /config/(string: subject) should return 4xx for unknown subjects
  • PR-210 - Issue #208: Several RestApiTest test cases don’t test proper exception behavior
  • PR-219 - Update Kafka version to 0.8.3-SNAPSHOT so we can start developing using upcoming 0.8.3 features.
  • PR-237 - Update uses of ZkUtils to match changes made in KAFKA-2639.
  • PR-240 - Fixes Typo in the docs. ‘actsas’ -> ‘acts as’
  • PR-242 - Fixed Schema Registry build against kafka trunk
  • PR-243 - Use x.y.z versioning scheme (i.e. 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT)
  • PR-245 - Fix mvn assembly setup
  • PR-252 - Use Kafka compiled with Scala 2.11
  • PR-257 - Updated classpath in schema-registry-run-class to reflect changes in pom.xml
  • PR-258 - CC-53: Add worker configs for Avro Kafka Connect that integrates with Schema Registry.

Serializers, Formatters, and Converters

  • PR-146 - Added decoder to return a specific Avro record from bytes.
  • PR-162 - Add implementation of new Deserializer interface.
  • PR-192 - Add new module for Kafka JSON serialization stuff
  • PR-193 - Add more JSON codec support
  • PR-200 - Switch serializer config classes to use AbstractConfig from confluent-common instead of from Kafka.
  • PR-222 - Add AvroConverter in new copycat-avro-converter jar to convert Copycat and Avro data.
  • PR-234 - Add AvroConverter support for Decimal, Date, Time, and Timestamp logical types.
  • PR-235 - Add caching of schema conversions in AvroData and AvroConverter.
  • PR-247 - Update for Copycat -> Kafka Connect renaming.
  • PR-251 - Add tests of conversion of null values from Kafka Connect and fix handling of null for int8 and int16 types.
  • PR-254 - Ensure AvroConverter passes through null values without adding schemas and that deserialized null values are converted to SchemaAndValue.NULL.
  • PR-255 - CC-44: Include version when deserializing Kafka Connect data.
  • PR-256 - Encode null values for schemaless array entries and map keys and values as an Anything record.