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Connecting Schema Registry to Confluent Cloud

You can install and configure Schema Registry on Confluent Cloud.

  • Access to Confluent Cloud
  • Confluent Cloud CLI installed
  • A running Confluent Cloud instance and the Confluent Cloud CLI is installed and configured.
  1. Download the package the Schema Registry tarball.

    $ wget
  2. Uncompress the package and navigate to the schema-registry directory.

    $ tar xvf schema-registry-6da17dc.tar  cd schema-registry
  3. Configure Schema Registry by modifying config/ You can reference the relevant properties in ~/.ccloud/config. For more information, see Schema Registry configuration options and Configuring PLAIN.

    Here are the most important settings, with inline comments:

    # If set to true, API requests that fail will include extra debugging information, including stack traces.
    # REQUIRED: Specifies the bootstrap servers for your Kafka cluster. It is used for selecting the master
    # Schema Registry instance and for storing the registered schema data. Note that the SASL_SSL:// prefix is required.
    # REQUIRED: Specifies Confluent Cloud authentication. Refer to the SASL
    # properties in ``~/.ccloud/config`` to get this info.
    # Configures Schema Registry to use SASL authentication.
    # Configures Schema Registry for SSL encryption.
    # Specifies the name of the topic to store schemas in.
    # Specifies the address the socket server listens on. The format is
    # "listeners = listener_name://host_name:port". For example, "listeners = PLAINTEXT://".
  4. Start Schema Registry with the file specified.

    $ bin/schema-registry-start config/

For more information about running a cluster, see the Schema Registry documentation.