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Version 4.0.1

S3 Connector

  • PR-148 - Rely on jackson.version from common pom instead of defining it ourselves
  • PR-149 - Bump Jackson version
  • PR-140 - Fix for BufferOverflowException in S3OutputStream
  • PR-138 - CC-1490: NPE when is set but partitioner is not instance of TimeBasedPartitioner
  • PR-132 - CC-1214: Import all the AvroData configs to storage sink connectors
  • PR-55 - CC-1489: NPE on records with null timestamp.
  • PR-45 - HOTFIX: Consider all the properties in AvroDataConfig.

Version 4.0.0

S3 Connector

  • PR-102 - Allow to write records at the root of the bucket
  • PR-105 - Add instructions about upstream builds
  • PR-97 - MINOR: S3 Proxy Settings revisited
  • PR-103 - Remove unused imports
  • PR-101 - Remove unused imports
  • PR-85 - Add ByteArrayFormat
  • PR-87 - Add s3.canned.acl config
  • PR-84 - Create
  • PR-92 - CC-1114: Switch to common pom and fix checkstyle issues.
  • PR-78 - Retry s3 part upload
  • PR-80 - HOTFIX: Remove refs to schema-generator config.
  • PR-60 - Add logging when creating a new RecordWriter
  • PR-44 - HOTFIX: Remove unused parameter in newConfigDef for PartitionerConfig.
  • PR-41 - HOTFIX: Update dependencies
  • PR-40 - HOTFIX: Make specific dependencies explicit.
  • PR-37 - Remove unused imports
  • PR-35 - Add missing modules to the dependencyManagement pom section so downstream projects will inherit the right version automatically.
  • PR-31 - Remove schema.generator.class config and have Formats specify their own SchemaGenerator internally

Version 3.3.1

S3 Connector

  • PR-116 - HOTFIX: Add recommender for schema generator classes only on 3.3.x.
  • PR-112 - CC-1244: 3.3.1 release notes
  • PR-108 - HOTFIX: Handle primitive types in AvroFormat
  • PR-104 - Fix new client creation to cater for URLs and region together
  • PR-100 - CC-1167: Add recommenders for class type properties
  • PR-90 - Add upstream project so build are triggered automatically
  • PR-82 - CC-872: Update default part.size number in S3 docs and more.
  • PR-77 - Update quickstart to use Confluent CLI.
  • PR-43 - HOTFIX: Add recommender for schema generator classes only on 3.3.x.
  • PR-39 - HOTFIX: Check simple class names in recommender.
  • PR-38 - CC-1153: Isolate config instances and recommenders.
  • PR-36 - CC-1153: Storage connectors can add recommendations for Class types
  • PR-33 - Add upstream project so build are triggered automatically

Version 3.3.0

S3 Connector

  • PR-28 - HOTFIX: Explicitly deactivate licensing profiles by default.
  • PR-34 - CC-524: Reduce the default s3.part.size to 25MB to avoid OOM with current default jvm heap size.
  • PR-33 - CC-513: Newline is not appended between records when using JsonFormat.
  • PR-37 - Enable compression of output Avro files.
  • PR-38 - CC-530: Exclude storage-common jars when packaging S3 connector.
  • PR-19 - Move to using io.confluent:common for deps.
  • PR-22 - HOTFIX: Import recent changes from the hdfs connector.
  • PR-24 - Convert - to _ in Hive table names.
  • PR-25 - Include causes with ConfigExceptions caused by catching other exceptions.
  • PR-26 - Add constructors to SchemaGenerators to support no parameters and a Map config.
  • PR-29 - Timestamp information should be copied to projected SinkRecord.

Version 3.2.2

S3 Connector

  • PR-19 - CC-500: Provide exactly-once time-based partitioning in S3
  • PR-45 - HOTFIX: S3SinkConnector should extend SinkConnector
  • PR-51 - Allow custom partitioners to have their own configs
  • PR-27 - HOTFIX: Include a trailing delimiter when verifying data format for Hive
  • PR-23 - HOTFIX: Add test schema and record builder for records with timestamp field
  • PR-18 - CC-497: Add timestamp based partitioners.

Version 3.2.1

S3 Connector

  • PR-33 - Separate JSON records using line separator instead of single white space.
  • PR-34 - Reduce the default s3.part.size to 25MB to avoid OOM exceptions with the current default java heap size settings for Connect.
  • PR-32 - Add s3.region property to quickstart config and docs.
  • PR-25 - flush.size doc fixes.

Version 3.2.0

S3 Connector

Initial Version