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Connecting KSQL to Confluent Cloud

You can connect KSQL to your Confluent Platform Kafka cluster in Confluent Cloud.

The KSQL servers must be configured to use Confluent Cloud. The KSQL CLI does not require configuration.


  1. Customize your /etc/ksql/ properties file.


    To use KSQL with Confluent Cloud, you must configure the KSQL server. The KSQL CLI does not require any additional configuration.

The following settings are the bare minimimum to get KSQL working with Confluent Cloud. In addition, we also recommend incorporating all the recommended KSQL production settings.

# a comma separated list of the the ccloud broker endpoints.
# eg.,,
bootstrap.servers=<broker-endpoint1, broker-endpoint2, broker-endpoint3>
sasl.jaas.config=\ required \
    username="<confluent cloud access key>" \
    password="<confluent cloud secret>";
  1. Restart the KSQL server. The steps to do this are dependent on your environment.
    • If you are using the Confluent CLI, see Command Reference.
    • If you are running Confluent Platform in a production environment, use ksql-server-stop && ksql-server-start.

For more information, see Confluent Cloud Quick Start.