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Confluent Cloud

Confluent Cloud is a resilient, scalable streaming data service based on Apache Kafka, delivered as a fully managed service. Confluent Cloud has a web interface and local command line interface. You can manage cluster resources, settings, and billing with the web interface. You can use Confluent Cloud CLI to create and manage Kafka topics.

Features Overview

Kafka ecosystem
Confluent Cloud is comprised of open-source Apache Kafka APIs.
Multi-cloud support
Confluent Cloud is agnostic to its cloud platform, so you can “lift and shift” your Kafka applications from any location in or out of Confluent Cloud. All of the infrastructure is based on open-source components, allowing you to recreate your data pipelines outside of Confluent Cloud and migrate your pipelines at your discretion.
Kafka experts
Backed by the team that created Kafka. Confluent Cloud is managed by the Kafka experts so it’s running with best practices, the latest Kafka version, and means upgrades are pain free.

Getting Started