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Detail view for a topic

To view more detail about a specific topic, click on the three dots to the right of the topic name on the index page and select ‘View details’.


Click the button and select ‘View details’

This will navigate to a page that shows partitions, consumer groups, broker lists, and in/out of sync replicas for a particular topic.


Detailed statistics about a given topic

To view more details about a specific consumer group for a topic, click the consumer group number and select the group. This is the same as on the topic index page. This will navigate you to the steam monitoring graph for that consumer group.


Only consumer groups with monitoring interceptors set up will be viewable

If a replica is out of sync it will turn red. A replica being out of sync means it is behind the current leader and is not a full copy.

In addition to seeing topic status, topic settings are also available. From the topic settings page, you can view a list of the current settings for a topic, a full list of all settings as well as edit the topic.