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Confluent Security Plugins


To use the Confluent Security Plugins, you must have a current Confluent Enterprise subscription. Without the license key, you can use Confluent Security Plugins for a 30-day trial period.

Confluent Security Plugins are used to add security capabilities to various Confluent Open Source tools and products.

Currently, there is a plugin available for Kafka REST Proxy which helps in authenticating the incoming requests and propagating the authenticated principal to requests to Kafka. This enables Kafka REST Proxy clients to utilize the multi-tenant security features of the Kafka broker.


The plugins are an extension to products like Kafka REST and hence the appropriate product must be installed before installing the plugins. The plugin JARs must be installed in the same directory as the corresponding product. You must install the security plugins as its own separate package.

See the installation instructions for the Confluent Platform and available packages.