FAQ for Confluent Cloud


Can I use Confluent Cloud to do operations on different cloud clusters (prod /integration) without performing init?

Yes, you can use the kafkacat tool to produce, consume, and list topic and partition information. For more information, see the kafkacat documentation.

How do I add users?

Go to Settings -> Organization and click Invite.


Enter the users email and click Send Invite. The user will receive an email inviting them to your Confluent Cloud instance.


What cloud providers are supported?

Confluent Cloud Enterprise
Confluent Cloud Professional
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Supported in these regions:
- US East 1, 2
- US West 1, 2
- Canada Central
- EMEA Ireland
- APAC Sydney
Supported in these regions:
- US East 1, 2
- US West 1, 2
- Canada Central
- EMEA Ireland
- APAC Sydney
AWS multi-zone high availability
Supported in these regions:
- US East 1
- US West 2
- EMEA Ireland
- APAC Sydney
Not supported
Google Cloud Compute (GCE)
Contact Confluent
Supported in the US Central region
GCE multi-zone high availability
Contact Confluent
Contact Confluent
Microsoft Azure
Contact Confluent
Contact Confluent


If you don’t see your platform supported, contact Confluent at https://www.confluent.io/cloud-contact.

What if I cannot find my preferred cloud vendor or region on the supported list?

If you cannot find your preferred cloud vendor or region on the officially supported list, contact Confluent at https://www.confluent.io/cloud-contact to find out when it will be supported.

What standards compliance does Confluent Cloud offer?

Confluent Cloud currently offers SOC II type II compliance for Amazon Web Services. Other standards are all under development.

What security features does Confluent Cloud offer?

Confluent Cloud supports end-to-end encryption, and encryption of data at rest. For more information, contact the Confluent Cloud team.

How do I sign up for Confluent Cloud? How is it priced?

  • Confluent Cloud Professional: sign up at https://confluent.cloud. Although a credit card is required to create an account, you will not be charged until you create a cluster and select a pricing option.
  • Confluent Cloud Enterprise: contact the Confluent Cloud team.
  • Confluent Cloud pricing is based on:
    • Peak write throughput in MB per second
    • Peak read throughput in MB per second
    • Total Storage in GB
    • Durability (e.g., one Amazon Web Services (AWS) Availability zone vs three AWS Availability zones)

What specific security features does Confluent Cloud offer?

  • All traffic over the wire requires TLS/SSL encryption and SASL_PLAIN authentication.
  • You are provided auth keys specific to your cluster which you can revoke or reissue if necessary.
  • All data is stored on secure infrastructure, with access controls that are restricted to Confluent engineers, inside a Confluent controlled VPC.
  • Confluent Cloud Enterprise is a private cluster product. Resources are allocated specifically to each cluster. There is no shared data from other customers in your cluster.
  • Encryption at rest and optional VPC Peering are supported as security features in Confluent Cloud Enterprise.

Can I do unlimited retention using log compacted topics with Confluent Cloud?

Yes. You can set retention per topic in Confluent Cloud, including unlimited retention with log compaction. You are only limited by the amount of total storage for your cluster.

Are you charged extra per message, topic, or partition? Are there topic or partition limits?

Confluent Cloud has a limit of 512 partitions per cluster, assuming a 3x replication factor. There is no extra charge per message. For extended Confluent Cloud Enterprise options with higher limits, contact the Confluent Cloud team.

What client and protocol versions are supported?

Clients must be minimally compatible with Apache Kafka 0.9, the version where security was introduced. All subsequent versions of the protocol are also supported, including exactly-once transactional messaging, which was introduced in Apache Kafka 0.11.


Can I put my Confluent Cloud account on hold?

No, but you can transfer your data from Confluent Cloud before deleting your cluster. For more information, see Connecting Kafka Connect to Confluent Cloud.

How does billing work for Confluent Cloud Professional?

All billing for Confluent Cloud Professional is done through a credit card. If you have a Confluent Cloud Enterprise subscription, the billing setup is customized for your enterprise.

What payment methods are supported for Confluent Cloud Professional?

Confluent Cloud Professional only supports using a credit card for payment. With Confluent Cloud Enterprise you can use purchase order and other methods of payment.

When am I charged for using Confluent Cloud Professional?

The credit card is charged at the end of the month for the amount of time that you have used.

When you launch a cluster, the clock is started and you are charged at the listed hourly rate. This rate is shown in the dialog and in cluster spec configuration. At the end of the month, your credit card is charged for the hours consumed.

What happens if I upgrade or downgrade my cluster?

If you upgrade or downgrade your cluster, the hourly rate is adjusted and the hours used are pro-rated to the minute.

How do I change the email address used for billing on the Confluent Cloud Professional cluster?

To change the invoice email address, contact the Confluent Cloud team. Your monthly invoice will be emailed to the email address that was provided initially during sign up for Confluent Cloud Professional. The invoice can only be sent to a single email address.

Where can I ask billing questions?

Use the Confluent Cloud web interface to submit a question, and the Confluent team will respond.