Apache Kafka defines a number of ways to extend its functionality with software that can be installed and plugged into your installation. For example, Kafka Connect defines source connectors that continuously load external data into Kafka; sink connectors that consume data in Kafka and write it out to external systems; transformations to manipulate single messages; and converters that serialize and deserialize messages for Connect. There’s a large ecosystem of connectors, transforms, and converters, but they’re difficult to find and install.

Confluent Hub is an online library of pre-packaged and ready-to-install extensions, called components, for Kafka and Kafka Connect. You can browse and search the collections to find the components that suit your needs, download them, and easily install them into your own environment where you can configure and use them.

Confluent Hub is a collection of components for Confluent Platform and Apache Kafka that you can find, download, and install into your local environment. A component is a software package that contains of all the required dependencies for that component to run (e.g., JAR files of a connector and its dependencies). Components do not duplicate content provided by Confluent Platform (e.g., the JAR files of Apache Kafka and its APIs).


The set of libraries, configuration files, documentation, and other resources that you install into your local system and then configure and use.
Component archive
A ZIP file that packages a component for easy download and installation.
Component owner
The individual or organization that develops and tests a component, packages it into a component archive, and uploads it to Confluent Hub. The name of a component owner must contain two to 255 characters, and can only contain lowercase letters, numbers, and underscore (e.g., _) characters.