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Docker Image Reference

Images are available on DockerHub for each component of the Confluent Platform. The source files for the images are available on GitHub. From GitHub you can extend and rebuild the images and upload them to your own DockerHub repository.

This table lists the available images and the Confluent software packages that they contain. Some images are identified as `cp-enterprise-${component_name}`. These images include proprietary components that must be licensed from Confluent when deployed.

Component Image Name Type Packages Included
Base Image cp-base Confluent Open Source
  • zulu-openjdk-8
Control Center cp-enterprise-control-center Confluent Enterprise
  • confluent-control-center
Kafka cp-kafka Confluent Open Source
  • confluent-kafka-*
Kafka cp-enterprise-kafka Confluent Enterprise
  • confluent-kafka-*
  • confluent-rebalancer
  • confluent-support-metrics
KSQL CLI cp-ksql-cli Confluent Open Source
  • ksql-cli
Kafka Connect cp-kafka-connect Confluent Enterprise
  • confluent-kafka-connect-jdbc
  • confluent-kafka-connect-hdfs
  • confluent-schema-registry
  • confluent-control-center
  • confluent-kafka-connect-elasticsearch
  • confluent-kafka-connect-s3
KSQL Server cp-ksql-server Confluent Enterprise
  • ksql-server
  • confluent-monitoring-interceptors
Replicator cp-enterprise-replicator Confluent Enterprise
  • confluent-kafka-replicator
  • confluent-schema-registry
  • confluent-control-center
Replicator Executable cp-enterprise-replicator -executable Confluent Enterprise
  • confluent-kafka-replicator
  • confluent-schema-registry
  • confluent-control-center
REST Proxy cp-kafka-rest Confluent Open Source
  • confluent-kafka-rest
Schema Registry cp-schema-registry Confluent Open Source
  • confluent-schema-registry
  • Note: The Kafka Connect and KSQL Server images are labeled as “Enterprise” simply because they contain Confluent monitoring interceptors. The monitoring interceptors enable connectors and KSQL queries to collect the metrics which can be visualized in Confluent Control Center. The Kafka Connect image includes Confluent Control Center in its entirety, while the KSQL Server image just includes the monitoring interceptors. No explicit license is required when using the Kafka Connect or the KSQL Server image on their own.