The Apache Kafka C/C++ client library
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RdKafka::TopicPartition Class Referenceabstract

Topic+Partition. More...

#include <rdkafkacpp.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual const std::string & topic () const =0
virtual int partition () const =0
virtual int64_t offset () const =0
virtual void set_offset (int64_t offset)=0
 Set offset.
virtual ErrorCode err () const =0

Static Public Member Functions

static TopicPartitioncreate (const std::string &topic, int partition)
static TopicPartitioncreate (const std::string &topic, int partition, int64_t offset)
static void destroy (std::vector< TopicPartition * > &partitions)
 Destroy/delete the TopicPartitions in partitions and clear the vector.

Detailed Description


This is a generic type to hold a single partition and various information about it.

Is typically used with std::vector<RdKafka::TopicPartition*> to provide a list of partitions for different operations.

Member Function Documentation

static TopicPartition* RdKafka::TopicPartition::create ( const std::string &  topic,
int  partition 

Create topic+partition object for topic and partition and optionally offset.

Use delete to deconstruct.

virtual const std::string& RdKafka::TopicPartition::topic ( ) const
pure virtual
topic name
virtual int RdKafka::TopicPartition::partition ( ) const
pure virtual
partition id
virtual int64_t RdKafka::TopicPartition::offset ( ) const
pure virtual
offset (if applicable)
virtual ErrorCode RdKafka::TopicPartition::err ( ) const
pure virtual
error code (if applicable)

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