Install Using the Confluent CLI

You can use the Confluent CLI installation methods to quickly get a single-node Confluent Platform development environment up and running on your laptop.


The Confluent CLI is meant for development purposes only and is not suitable for a production environment. The data that are produced are transient and are intended to be temporary. For production-ready workflows, see Install and Upgrade.

Run this command to start all Confluent Platform services by using the CLI.

<path-to-confluent>/bin/confluent start

Your output should resemble this.

Starting zookeeper
zookeeper is [UP]
Starting kafka
kafka is [UP]
Starting schema-registry
schema-registry is [UP]
Starting kafka-rest
kafka-rest is [UP]
Starting connect
connect is [UP]
Starting ksql-server
ksql-server is [UP]
Starting control-center
control-center is [UP]

Next Steps

Try out the Confluent Platform Quick Start.