ccloud topic alter


Modify a topic.


ccloud [(--config-dir <configDir> | -c <configDir>)] [(--verbose | -v)]
        topic alter [--config <config>] [--] <topicName>


For usage information, enter ccloud help topic alter.


Name, shorthand Default Description
--config <config>   A comma-separated listed of topic configuration (key=value) overrides for the topic being modified.
--config-dir <configDir>, -c <configDir> $HOME/.ccloud The configuration directory.
--verbose, -v   Detailed output of a command.
--   This option can be used to separate command-line options from the list of argument, (useful when arguments might be mistaken for command-line options).

Positional arguments

Name, shorthand Default Description
<configDir>   The path to the configuration directory.
<config>   Topic configuration key=value pairs.


Modify the my_topic topic to have a retention period of days (259200000 milliseconds).

ccloud topic alter my_topic --config=""