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View Details for a Topic

To view more details about a specific topic:

  1. From the navigation menu, click System Health -> Topics.

  2. Click on the ellipsis (...) to the right of the topic name and select View details. The topic details display in the Status tab within Management > Topics.



Choose Status to navigate to a page that shows partitions, consumer groups, broker lists, and in/out of sync replicas for a particular topic.


Detailed statistics about a given topic

To view more details about a specific consumer group for a topic, click the consumer group number and select the group. This is the same as on the Topics page in System Health. This opens the stream monitoring graph for that consumer group.


Only consumer groups with monitoring interceptors set up will be viewable

If a replica is out of sync, it turns red. A replica being out of sync means it is behind the current leader and is not a full copy.


From the Inspect tab, you can view the status of data being produced and browse message data.


Inspecting a topic

The Topic Inspection feature in Control Center is enabled by default. With this feature, you can inspect topic details and browse streaming messages live.

To inspect a topic and browse a live stream of messages:

  1. From the navigation menu, click Management -> Topics.

  2. Click the ellipsis (...) by the topic name and click Inspect. The Inspect tab displays incoming streaming messages.

  3. To browse the messages pane:

    • Click the Card view or Tabular view (default) icon for the layout you prefer:

    • To jump to a message offset, click in the Jump to offset menu and select the offset/partition. The record at the offset is highlighted.

    • Click the horizontal and vertical scrollbars to view all of the available data. The newest data is displayed at the top of the messages pane. As you scroll vertically, or hover in the messages pane, a timeline arrow indicates when the messages were received.

    • To filter the results, enter the criteria in the Filter results box.

Enabling and disabling topic inspection in Control Center

The topic inspection feature is enabled by default in Control Center. The feature can be disabled if an organization does not want any users to access the feature. After disabling the feature, the Inspect menu and the Inspect tab are no longer visible in the Control Center UI. The ability to inspect a topic is disabled.

To disable the inspect topic feature in Control Center:

  1. Set the confluent.controlcenter.topic.inspection.enable option in your file to false.



    Make the change in the appropriate Control Center properties file or files configured for your environments, including or The properties files are located in /path-to-confluent/etc/confluent-control-center/.

  2. Restart Control Center and pass in the properties file for the configuration to take effect:

    ./bin/control-center-start ../etc/confluent-control-center/


    If you are using a Confluent Platform development environment with a Confluent CLI, stop and start as follows:

    ./confluent stop control-center
    ./confluent start control-center ../etc/confluent-control-center/

To enable the feature again, set the option back to true and restart Control Center with the updated properties file.


From the Settings tab, you can view a list of the current settings for a topic, all available settings, and edit the topic.