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Modify a Topic

You can edit topics from Management -> Topics page.

  1. From the Topics page, click on the ellipses (...) next to the topic name and choose Settings.

  2. Click Edit settings.

  3. Make your changes and click Save changes. By default, only the most commonly modified settings are shown. For advanced settings, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Switch to expert mode.


    Some topic configuration parameters are not configurable through this interface. These unmodifiable parameters will display a lock symbol (lock) next to them. They cannot be changed in default or expert mode.


    Here is a list of the available parameters and whether they can be configured.

    Parameter Configurable
    cleanup.policy Yes
    cluster Yes
    compression.type Yes Yes Yes
    flush.messages Yes Yes
    follower.replication.throttled.replicas Yes
    index.interval.bytes Yes
    leader.replication.throttled.replicas Yes
    max.message.bytes Yes
    message.format.version Yes Yes
    message.timestamp.type Yes
    min.cleanable.dirty.ratio Yes Yes
    min.insync.replicas Yes
    name No
    partitions No
    preallocate Yes
    producer Yes
    replication.factor Yes
    retention.bytes Yes Yes
    segment.bytes Yes
    segment.index.bytes Yes Yes Yes
    unclean.leader.election.enable Yes