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Topic Management

You can create, view, and edit Apache Kafka® topics by using the Confluent Control Center topic management interface. The topics are grouped by cluster.

Cluster Topics

The top-level page provides a list of topics in a cluster.


Cluster Navigation

To navigate between clusters, click on the cluster menu on the upper-right corner and select the desired cluster.



Only managed clusters appear in the cluster menu.

Sort and Filter

You can sort and filter the list of topics with the search box and by clicking header text.


You can view internal Confluent topics that are hidden by default by clicking Show internal topics.


Detailed View

To view more details about specific consumer group for a topic:

  1. Click the consumer group number.


    Viewing a list of consumer groups on a topic

  2. Select the group.

  3. Click the consumer group to view the stream monitoring graph for that consumer group.


    Only consumer groups with monitoring interceptors set up can be viewed.