Download and Install Replicator

To install Confluent Replicator:

  1. Download Confluent Platform from
  2. Extract the contents of the archive.
  3. Bring up two clusters of Apache Kafka® brokers. For more information, see Tutorial: Replicating Data Between Clusters.

Decide How You Want to Run Replicator

There are two ways to configure and run Replicator:

  • Run Replicator as an executable - The Replicator executable bundles a distributed Connect Worker and a Replicator Connect in a single application. This is a quick method to get started. You configure Replicator with command line flags at runtime.
  • Manually Configure and Run Replicator on Kafka Clusters - Run Replicator as a Connect worker in stand-alone mode or multiple Connect workers in distributed mode. You configure the replication details in properties files on the workers.