Connectors to Kafka

You can use connectors to copy data between Apache Kafka® and other systems that you want to pull data from or push data to. Source Connectors import data from another system. Sink Connectors export data.

Confluent Platform offers supported and preview connectors.

Supported Connectors
These connectors are supported by Confluent, and import and export data from some of the most commonly used data systems. Some are available natively as part of Confluent Platform and you can download others from Confluent Hub. After they are installed, you can get started by writing a connector configuration and starting a standalone Kafka Connect process, or making a REST request to a Kafka Connect cluster.
Preview Connectors

Confluent is introducing preview connectors to gain early feedback from users. Preview connectors are only suitable for evaluation and non-production purposes and are subject to the Confluent Software Evaluation License. Confluent will provide connector support only for evaluation and non-production testing purposes.

Comments, questions and suggestions related to preview features are encouraged. Confluent customers can submit questions and suggestions, and file support tickets via the Confluent Support Portal.