The Brokers feature provides a succinct view of essential Apache Kafka® metrics for brokers in a cluster:

  • Throughput for production and consumption
  • Broker, active controller, and Apache ZooKeeper™ status
  • Partitions and partition replica status
  • Disk usage and distribution
  • System metrics for network and request pool usage

Brokers overview page

The Brokers overview dashboard conveys at a glance the health of brokers (nodes) in a cluster.

To view Brokers metrics, select a cluster from the navigation bar and click Brokers from the cluster submenu. The Brokers overview page is displayed.


The clickable panels highlighted above allow you to drill into details for production, consumption, and broker uptime. To return to the Brokers overview page after drilling into the detail pages, either click the Brokers menu again or the Brokers Overview > breadcrumb at the top of the page.

The panels show a red sidebar for any issues that require attention.



You can set alerts on many of these metrics, such as: production request latency, under-replicated partitions, out of sync replicas, active controller count, ZooKeeper status, and more. Send alerts notifications though email, Slack, or PagerDuty. For details, see Alerts.

Broker production metrics

To access the Production tab, click the Production panel from the Brokers overview page.

The Production tab shows throughput, request latency, and any failed produce requests.


Click the timeframe selector button to select the timeframe for viewing data. The timeframe default is the last 4 hours for the current date.


Timeframe selector

In a multiple broker environment, use the interactive broker selection controls to view the metrics for multiple brokers. Click Deselect all or Select all, or individually click the checkbox for each broker you want to view on a chart.


Hover on any point in a chart to view details for a specific point in time.


You can select a percentile for viewing request latency from the percentile menu.


Broker consumption metrics

To access the Consumption tab, click the Consumption panel from the Brokers overview page.

The Consumption tab shows throughput, request latency, and any failed consumption requests.


Broker uptime

To access the Broker uptime tab, click the Broker uptime panel from the Brokers overview page.

The charts show uptime for available brokers, active controllers, and ZooKeeper. The following example shows some downtime for ZooKeeper.


Broker uptime metrics are cluster-wide, and do not apply to individual brokers. The broker selection controls are not available on the Broker uptime page.