Confluent Server Authorizer


This feature is available as a preview feature. A preview feature is a component of Confluent Platform that is being introduced to gain early feedback from developers. This feature can be used for evaluation and non-production testing purposes or to provide feedback to Confluent.

The Confluent Server Authorizer supports proprietary LDAP group-based and role-based access control (RBAC) authorization as well as the setting of ACLs. Confluent Server Authorizer supports pluggable authorization and group providers, enabling ACLs, LDAP, and RBAC providers to be loaded at runtime.


You can use the Confluent Server Authorizer to configure any of the attributes that you configure using the LDAP Authorizer. If you do so, use the ldap. prefix for each attribute. Do not use the ldap.authorizer. prefix for LDAP attributes when using the Confluent Server Authorizer to configure.