confluent local demo


Run Confluent Platform end-to-end demo applications using KSQL, Confluent Replicator, Confluent Control Center, and more.

  • Running confluent local demo requires internet connectivity and GitHub access.
  • Demos are stored locally in $CONFLUENT_HOME/quickstart-demos.
  • The demos are for sandbox testing in a development environment. Never run these demos in production.


The confluent local commands are intended for a single-node development environment and are not suitable for a production environment. The data that are produced are transient and are intended to be temporary. For production-ready workflows, see Install and Upgrade.

You can use these commands to explore, test, experiment, and otherwise familiarize yourself with Confluent Platform.

confluent local demo [ list | update | start | stop | info ] [ <demo-name> ] --path <path-to-confluent>



You must either specify the path for each Confluent CLI confluent local command invocation, export the path as an environment variable for each terminal session, or set the path to your Confluent Platform installation in your shell profile. For example:

cat ~/.bash_profile
export CONFLUENT_HOME=<path-to-confluent>
Name, shorthand Description
list List names of available demos
update Pull the latest demo code
start <demo-name> Start a demo with specified name
stop <demo-name> Stop a demo with specified name
info <demo-name> Provide README for demo with specified name
--path <path-to-confluent> Path to Confluent Platform install directory.
-h, --help Print command information.


  • List available demos

    confluent local demo list
  • Update demo code to ensure you are running the latest code.

    confluent local demo update
  • Start a demo called wikipedia

    confluent local demo start wikipedia
  • Stop a demo called wikipedia

    confluent local demo stop wikipedia
  • View the README for a demo called wikipedia

    confluent local demo info wikipedia