Version 5.4.0

  • PR-284 - REP-475 - Do not add connect worker configurations if dest.kafka.bootstrap.servers is present.
  • PR-281 - REP-475 - Fix for bug where producer interceptors were inferred.
  • PR-270 - REP-450 - Filters default configurations out when applying topic configurations to destination cluster.
  • PR-262 - REP-379 - Added configuration provider that can infer the dest.kafka.* configuration from the Connect Worker.
  • PR-266 - REP-47 - Added arity to boolean command line options as they all default true.
  • PR-260 - REP-436 - Refactor non-timestamp specific class to a new replicator-common module.
  • PR-246 - REP-322 - REP-323 REST extensions for Replicator monitoring.
  • PR-250 - REP-231 - Refactor ConsumerTimestampInterceptor out into a separate JAR.
  • PR-249 - REP-403 - Fixed timestamp committer and translator monitor thread leak.
  • PR-248 - REP-386 - Changed describeTopics behavior in topic monitor thread.
  • PR-245 - REP-321 - Implemented JMX Metrics.
  • PR-244 - REP-26 - Fixed an issue where was not propagated to license manager.
  • PR-240 - REP-31 - Added code to specify default destination security settings.
  • PR-238 - REP-186 - Updated replicator to use instead of retries.
  • PR-221 - Migrated to new ConsumerPartitionAssignor interface.
  • PR-216 - Remove dependency on ZKUtils.
  • PR-211 - Use TopicConfig instead of LogConfig.
  • PR-203 - CC-4930 - Adjust expected calls in the event schedulePeriodicRefreshMetadata gets scheduled by NewReplicatorAdminClient.

Version 5.3.0

  • REP-22: Handle uncaught exception during offset commit
  • CC-3405: Close admin client if constructed locally
  • CC-4257: Allow consumer offset to be preferred over connect offset
  • CC-4347: Start REST server when using Replicator app
  • CC-4474: Use committed offsets even if dest topic doesn’t exist
  • CC-4536: Adapt ReplicatorApp to upstream changes in AK
  • CC-4576: De-duplicate in timestamp interceptors; add configs for batching in Replicator
  • CC-4928: During translation retries, save newer timestamps for retry
  • CC-4930: Adjust expected calls in case schedulePeriodicRefreshMetadata gets scheduled by NewReplicatorAdminClient
  • CC-5364: Fixed java.lang.NoSuchMethodError in cp-demo
  • MINOR: Use TopicConfig instead of LogConfig
  • MINOR: Add connect plugin to CLASSPATH
  • MINOR: Include CE versions of transitive dependencies
  • MINOR: Fix checkstyle issues with long lines
  • MINOR: Log messages when metadata is refreshed
  • MINOR: Exclude old guava version
  • MINOR: Fix for ConnectorClientConfigPolicy changes in AK
  • MINOR: remove extraneous and incorrect logging msg
  • MINOR: Build with Json package for Replicator Executable

Version 5.2.0

  • CC-4047: commit offset timestamp since it will not be invoked by the framework
  • CC-3931: Remove default for “schema.registry.topic”
  • CC-3866: Add thread to wakeup consumer in case a translator is not-ready
  • CC-2669: Add support for schema translation

Version 5.1.0

  • CC-3048: Corrected how Replicator instantiates and configures source converters and header converters
  • MINOR: Adding debug log messages to ReplicatorSourceTask.poll()
  • CC-2437 Remove “$” from Quick Start docs

Version 5.0.0

  • MINOR: check if topic exists before creating
  • MINOR: Fix to KafkaConfigBackingStore constructor signature that changed in AK 2.0
  • CC-1571: Replicator changes for offset translation for DR
  • Replicator switchback
  • CC-1348: Header Support in Replicator

Version 4.1.2

  • MINOR: Explain log message when exception is ignored during topic creation
  • DOCS-514 : Add config for destination Apache Kafka® cluster
  • DOCS-547: Make replicator linux commands explicit
  • CC-2099: Extend replicator binary to run from source repo and system tests
  • CC-2106 Don’t prefix interceptors with src.kafka and dest.kafka
  • MINOR: Fix configs for ZK-free deployment
  • CC-1263: refresh Replicator quickstart configuration
  • CC-2061: Handle NotLeaderException gracefully.

Version 4.1.1

  • CC-1850. Updated replicator to be packaged as ConfluentHub component.
  • CC-1458: Update configuration options

Version 4.1.0

  • Introduce for replicator exec
  • CC-1344: Make command topic configurable
  • CC-1455a: Add bin for ReplicatorX
  • CC-1348: Header Support in Replicator (#82)
  • CC-1348: Header Support in Replicator
  • CC-1452: API/CLI Implementation of Replicator X
  • CC-1451: Core implementation of Replicator executable with embedded connect
  • CC-1320: Create templates for Replicator and Connect worker config
  • CC-1375: New admin client wrapper needs to shutdown executor.
  • CC-1342: Update Replicator configs under the version that makes ZK optional
  • CC-1359: Fix regression in addPartitions in ZK-based adminclient.
  • Remove dependency on ZK and use AdminClient instead.
  • CC-1130: Add a validator for topic.regex
  • move to using io.confluent:common as parent instead of rest-utils

Version 4.0.1

  • CC-1320: Create templates for Replicator and Connect worker config
  • CC-1359: Fix regression in addPartitions in ZK-based adminclient.

Version 4.0.0

  • Fix SecurityProtocol import after upstream move
  • MINOR: Adapt to AdminUtils.addPartitions() change
  • Fix compile error due to upstream changes to SecurityProtocol
  • HOTFIX: Update ReplicatorAdminClient to use ZkUtils.getPartitionsForTopics since AdminUtils.fetchTopicMetadataFromZk has been removed

Version 3.3.1

  • Remove unused imports
  • Add upstream project so build are triggered automatically

Version 3.3.0

  • Handle consumer wakeups during task startup.
  • Fix breakage for EoS message format patch.
  • Move to common pom and checkstyle fixes.
  • Update usage of internal Topic class.

Version 3.2.2

  • Fix concurrent modification of source topic creation/expansion collection
  • Validate record timestamp value intead of record timestamp type

Version 3.2.1

No changes

Version 3.2.0

  • CC-331: Config options RST updates
  • CC-333: Replicator should support disabling partition preservation
  • CC-330: Replicator tasks hang on poll
  • CC-257: Add a producer interceptor to measure end-to-end performance.
  • HOTFIX: update RECORD_OVERHEAD variable after change in kafka