SFTP Connector (Source and Sink) for Confluent Platform

The Kafka Connect SFTP Source Connector provides the capability to watch an SFTP directory for files and read the data as new files are written to the SFTP input directory. Once a file has been read, it is placed into the configured finished.path directory. Each record in the input file is converted based on the user-supplied schema or an auto-generated schema.

The Kafka Connect SFTP Sink connector exports data from Apache Kafka® topics to files in an SFTP directory. Supported format are CSV/TSV, Avro, JSON and Parquet.


The following are required to run the Connect SFTP Connector:

  • Kafka Broker: Confluent Platform 3.3.0 or above, or Kafka 0.11.0 or above
  • Connect: Confluent Platform 4.0.0 or above, or Kafka 1.0.0 or above
  • Java 1.8

Install the SFTP Connector

You can install this connector by using the Confluent Hub client (recommended) or you can manually download the ZIP file.

Install the connector using Confluent Hub

Confluent Hub Client must be installed. This is installed by default with Confluent Enterprise.

Navigate to your Confluent Platform installation directory and run the following command to install the latest (latest) connector version. The connector must be installed on every machine where Connect will run.

confluent-hub install confluentinc/kafka-connect-sftp:latest

You can install a specific version by replacing latest with a version number. For example:

confluent-hub install confluentinc/kafka-connect-sftp:1.1.0-preview

Install Connector Manually

Download and extract the ZIP file for your connector and then follow the manual connector installation instructions.


You can use this connector for a 30-day trial period without a license key.

After 30 days, this connector is available under a Confluent enterprise license. Confluent issues enterprise license keys to subscribers, along with providing enterprise-level support for Confluent Platform and your connectors. If you are a subscriber, please contact Confluent Support at support@confluent.io for more information.

See Confluent Platform license for license properties and License topic configuration for information about the license topic.