Confluent CLI Release Notes

Confluent CLI v1.18.0 Release Notes

New Features
  • Improve warning messages for audit log commands

Confluent CLI v1.17.0 Release Notes

New Features
  • Expose context management commands
Bug Fixes
  • Add additional logging when setting custom CA cert path
  • Updated list of connectors for CP 6.0
  • Fix KSQL path issue for CP verions older than 5.5
  • Minor documentation/example fixes

Confluent CLI v1.16.0 Release Notes

New Features
  • Add audit log migration commands
  • Support piping credentials to login commands

Confluent CLI v1.15.0 Release Notes

No changes relating to Confluent CLI for this version.

Confluent CLI v1.14.0 Release Notes

No changes relating to Confluent CLI for this version.

Confluent CLI v1.13.1 Release Notes

Bug Fixes
  • Fix command output bug for commands that were supposed to output to Stdout but were outputting to Stderr

Confluent CLI v1.13.0 Release Notes

New Features
  • Allow for pipe-able log output from confluent local services ... log.
Bug Fixes
  • Fix panic when invalid role is specified during resource-scoped rolebinding commands.
  • Fix grammar and typos in command help and examples.

Confluent CLI v1.12.1 Release Notes

Bug Fixes
  • Fix success and error message display bug

Confluent CLI v1.12.0 Release Notes

Bug Fixes
  • Improve error message handling for audit log commands
  • Fix parsing of credentials on Windows for login command

Confluent CLI v1.11.0 Release Notes

New Features
  • Rewrite confluent local command to use consistent grammar and eliminate need for passing – to subcommands with arguments
  • Add confluent cluster command to register/unregister clusters from a Confluent Cluster Registry instance (Confluent Platform 5.5+)
  • Update RBAC rolebinding commands to support friendly cluster names
  • Add Schema Registry ACLs commands for confluent local
  • Improve error and success messages and add suggestions for commands that don’t succeed
Bug Fixes
  • Update macOS system requirements for Confluent Platform 6.0
  • Fix handling of errors from invalid RBAC rolebinding commands for Confluent Platform 6.0
  • Handle errors with loading CLI configuration files and ignore them when configs aren’t needed
  • Respect log output/verbosity levels when loading configuration files
  • Only check for updates once every 24 hours

Confluent CLI v1.10.0 Release Notes

Bug Fixes
  • Compatibility fix for RBAC in Confluent Platform 5.x

Confluent CLI v1.9.0 Release Notes

Bug Fixes
  • Restrict feedback nudges to fewer commands
  • Skip update check when running the update command

Confluent CLI v1.8.0 Release Notes

New Features
  • Update RBAC rolebinding commands to support friendly cluster names (CP 6.0)
  • Add feedback command so users can give direct in-product feeback
  • Start publishing release notes with each release
Bug Fixes
  • Fix panics when metadata service returns internal server errors
  • Improve command examples in help output