Confluent Cloud

Confluent Cloud is the industry’s only fully managed, cloud-native event streaming platform powered by Apache Kafka®. Built and operated by the original creators of Kafka, Confluent Cloud provides a simple, scalable, resilient, and secure event streaming platform. Sign up for Confluent Cloud to get started.


This documentation site is versioned to reflect the Confluent Platform version. Confluent Cloud and the Confluent Cloud documentation are not versioned.

Get started with Confluent Cloud

Confluent Cloud Quick Start
Learn how to get up and running with the Quick Start for Apache Kafka using Confluent Cloud. It demonstrates the basics of using Confluent Cloud, including creating topics and producing and consuming to a Kafka cluster in Confluent Cloud.
Get Access to Confluent Cloud
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Confluent Cloud Online Talk
Listen to the Introduction to Confluent Cloud: Apache Kafka as a Service online talk.
Confluent Cloud Demo Examples
Resources to help you build and validate your solutions on Confluent Cloud. It includes automated end-to-end examples and resources to build your own demos, using a combination of fully-managed components in Confluent Cloud and self-managed components.