Kinesis Connector v1.3.0

No changes from v1.2.0

Kinesis Connector v1.2.0

  • Added proxy support for connector.
  • CC-11126: recover gracefully on invalid offsets.

Kinesis Connector v1.1.10

  • CC-11262: Updated AWS SDK to 1.11.728.
  • MINOR: Improved trace level logging.

Kinesis Connector v1.1.9

  • CC-11156: Configure retry policy to retry for longer.
  • CC-11126: Recover more gracefully on invalid offsets.
  • MINOR: Add codeowners.
  • Add integrations tests for task and connector restart.

Kinesis Connector v1.1.8

  • CC-9318: Add AWS sts dependency for Assume Role support.

Kinesis Connector v1.1.7

  • CC-3656: Allow reading multiple shards per task.
  • FMC-536: Add connector config validations.
  • FMC-539: Add timestamp config for kinesis.position=AT_TIMESTAMP.
  • Remove AT_SEQUENCE_NUMBER and AFTER_SEQUENCE_NUMBER as valid positions.

Kinesis Connector v1.1.6

  • MINOR: Bump Jackson version to 2.10.4.
  • FMC-513: Refactor Kinesis Source Connector and Integration Tests.
  • FMC-372: Allow changing Kinesis stream config and restarting the connector.

Kinesis Connector v1.1.5

  • MINOR: Remove duplicate dependencies.
  • CC-8916: Bump Jackson version to 2.9.10.
  • MINOR: Accept lowercase-regions as valid region names.
  • CC-7575: Update integration test framework dependencies.

Kinesis Connector v1.1.4

  • CC-4956: Upgrade AWS client library to 1.10.0 and Jackson to 2.9.8.

Kinesis Connector v1.1.3

  • Return correct connector version information to Connect REST API.

Kinesis Connector v1.1.2

  • Updated support terms and removed preview tag.

Kinesis Connector v1.1.1-Preview

  • CC-3696: [Bug] Jackson libraries reverted back to v2.6.7 to match version in AWS SDK.

Kinesis Connector v1.1.0-Preview

  • CC-3670: Alternative ways to provide Amazon credentials in the Kinesis connector.
  • CC-3686: Add a kinesis.base.url property to Kinesis Connector .
  • CC-3865: Add integration test for Kinesis Connector.
  • CC-4036: Add quickstart docs for setting up a Kinesis Connector.
  • Add Confluent license validation.
  • MINOR: Connector throws an exception and fails if task count < number of shards.