Confluent Cloud CLI Command Reference

The available Confluent Cloud CLI commands are documented here.

Command Description
ccloud admin Perform administrative tasks for the current organization.
ccloud api-key Manage the API keys.
ccloud audit-log Manage audit log configuration.
ccloud completion Print shell completion code.
ccloud config Modify the CLI configuration.
ccloud connector Manage Kafka Connect.
ccloud connector-catalog Catalog of connectors and their configurations.
ccloud environment Manage and select ccloud environments.
ccloud iam Manage RBAC and IAM permissions.
ccloud init Initialize a context.
ccloud kafka Manage Apache Kafka.
ccloud ksql Manage ksqlDB applications.
ccloud login Log in to Confluent Cloud.
ccloud logout Log out of Confluent Cloud.
ccloud price See Confluent Cloud pricing information.
ccloud prompt Print Confluent Cloud CLI context for your terminal prompt.
ccloud schema-registry Manage Schema Registry.
ccloud service-account Manage service accounts.
ccloud shell Run the ccloud shell.
ccloud signup Sign up for Confluent Cloud.
ccloud update Update the Confluent Cloud CLI.
ccloud version Show version of the Confluent Cloud CLI.