ccloud price list


Print an organization’s price list.

ccloud price list [flags]


    --cloud string                      REQUIRED: Cloud provider (aws, azure, gcp).
    --region ccloud kafka region list   REQUIRED: Cloud region ID for cluster (use ccloud kafka region list to see all).
    --availability string               Filter by availability (high, low).
    --cluster-type string               Filter by cluster type (basic, custom, dedicated, standard, standard_v2).
    --metric string                     Filter by metric (ClusterLinkingBase, ClusterLinkingPerLink, ClusterLinkingRead, ClusterLinkingWrite, ConnectCapacity, ConnectNumRecords, ConnectNumTasks, ConnectThroughput, KSQLNumCSUs, KafkaBase, KafkaCKUUnit, KafkaNetworkRead, KafkaNetworkWrite, KafkaNumCKUs, KafkaPartition, KafkaStorage).
    --network-type string               Filter by network type (internet, peered-vpc, private-link, transit-gateway).
    --legacy                            Show legacy cluster types.
-o, --output string                     Specify the output format as "human", "json", or "yaml". (default "human")

Global Flags

-h, --help            Show help for this command.
-v, --verbose count   Increase verbosity (-v for warn, -vv for info, -vvv for debug, -vvvv for trace).

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