Compatibility with Earlier Confluent Cloud CLI Versions


The Confluent Cloud CLI is deprecated and will stop working on May 9, 2022. All ccloud features have been moved to the Confluent CLI. To update to the new CLI, run ccloud update –major. See the Migrate to Confluent CLI v2 for more details.

This topic describes the differences between the current Confluent Cloud CLI and earlier versions.

Login and Configuration

To access your Confluent Cloud cluster, you must login using the ccloud login command. In earlier versions of the Confluent Cloud CLI, the login was specified in the .ccloud/config file and cluster access was controlled by using API keys. For more information, see Tutorial: User Management in Confluent Cloud.

The Confluent Cloud configuration file is located at ~/.ccloud/config.json. This file is automatically created and updated when you log in to Confluent Cloud. In earlier versions of the Confluent Cloud CLI, the configuration was stored in .ccloud/config. This file is no longer used and can be deleted. For more information about how to login, see Quick Start for Apache Kafka using Confluent Cloud.


Directly editing the ~/.ccloud/config.json is not recommended and may cause the Confluent Cloud CLI to become unusable.

Command Syntax

Here is a mapping of 0.77.x and earlier commands to the current Confluent Cloud CLI.

0.77.x and earlier 0.78.x and later
ccloud consume ccloud kafka topic consume
ccloud init initialized Confluent Cloud

The CLI is configured and initialized by logging in and setting the cluster and environment to use. For more information, see Connect Confluent Cloud CLI to a Cluster.

With version v0.173.0, the ccloud init command is used to authenticate and connect to Confluent Cloud with long-lived credentials. For more information, see ccloud init.

None ccloud login
None ccloud logout
ccloud produce ccloud kafka topic produce
ccloud topic alter ccloud kafka topic update
ccloud topic create ccloud kafka topic create
ccloud topic delete ccloud kafka topic delete
ccloud topic describe ccloud kafka topic describe
ccloud topic list ccloud kafka topic list