Confluent Cloud CLI Overview

You can use the Confluent Cloud command line interface (CLI) to create and manage Apache Kafka® topics.

To learn more about the Confluent Cloud CLI, see this blog post.

See also

To easily try out the Confluent Cloud CLI functionality in your Confluent Cloud cluster, see the Tutorial: Confluent Cloud CLI.

Notational conventions

In the Confluent Cloud CLI Command Reference, the following notations were used.


Id of the entity.

Run the ccloud ... list command to get the ID of the entity you want to work on.

For example, to delete a ksqlDB app:

  1. List the ksqlDB apps:

    ccloud ksql app list
  2. From the output of the above command, get the ID of the ksqlDB app, <id>.

  3. Run the command to delete the ksqlDB app:

    ccloud ksql app delete <id> [flags]