Resources in Confluent Cloud

Confluent Cloud offers a variety of resources to help you build and manage event streaming applications. This section provides information about the top-level resources, organizations and environments, that you can use to organize your Kafka clusters and other Confluent Cloud resources. It also provides information about Confluent Resource Names (CRNs), which are used to uniquely identify resources in Confluent Cloud.


The top-level resource in Confluent Cloud is the organization. An organization is a logical grouping of resources that you can use to manage access to your Confluent Cloud resources and to organize your resources in a way that makes sense for your organization. Most users will only need one organization, but you can create multiple organizations if you need to separate resources for different departments or teams.

To learn more about organizations, see Organizations.


Within each Confluent Cloud organization, you can have one or more environments, each of which can contain Kafka clusters and deployed components, such as Connect, ksqlDB, and Schema Registry. Different departments or teams can use separate environments to avoid interfering with each other.

To learn more about environments, see Environments.

Confluent Resource Names (CRNs)

Confluent Resource Names (CRNs) provide a uniform way to uniquely identify resources such as a Kafka cluster, topic, or consumer group, and are used in audit logs. See this section to understand how CRNs are structured and how to use them.

To learn more about CRNs, see Confluent Resource Names (CRNs).