User Accounts for Confluent Cloud

You can manage user access to Confluent Cloud from the Users menu. A user account consists of an email address, user name, and password.


User accounts in Confluent Cloud have superuser admin privileges. To provide restricted access to your cluster, you can distribute API keys associated with service accounts using the Apache Kafka® command-line tools. For more information, see Restrict Access to Confluent Cloud.

Follow these instructions to create a user account.

  1. Navigate to ADMINISTRATION -> Accounts.

  2. Click Add User.

  3. Enter the email address and click Send invite. The user will receive an email inviting them to your Confluent Cloud instance.



    Each user can only belong to a single organization.


When you delete a user account or service account, all associated API keys will also be deleted. Any client applications using a deleted API key will lose access, which may cause an outage for your streaming application. Always confirm that none of the API keys owned by an account are in active use before deleting a user or service account.