Failing to create a new partition

It’s possible you won’t be able to create a partition because you have reached a one of Confluent Cloud’s partition limits. Follow the instructions below to check if your cluster is getting close to its partition limits.

  1. Open Grafana and use the username admin and password password to login.

  2. Navigate to the Confluent Cloud dashboard.

  3. Check the Partition Count panel. If this panel is yellow, you have used 80% of your allowed partitions; if it’s red, you have used 90%.

    Confluent Cloud Panel

    A maximum number of partitions can exist on the cluster at one time, before replication. All topics that are created by you as well as internal topics that are automatically created by Confluent Platform components–such as ksqlDB, Kafka Streams, Connect, and Control Center–count towards the cluster partition limit.

  4. Check the Partition count change (delta) panel. Confluent Cloud clusters have a limit on the number of partitions that can be created and deleted in a 5 minute period. This single stat provides the absolute difference between the number of partitions at the beginning and end of the 5 minute period. This over simplifies the problem. An example being, at the start of a 5 minute window you have 18 partitions. During the 5 minute window you create a new topic with 6 partitions and delete a topic with 6 partitions. At the end of the five minute window you still have 18 partitions but you actually created and deleted 12 partitions.

    More conservative thresholds are put in place–this panel will turn yellow when at 50% utilization and red at 60%.