Clean up Confluent Cloud resources

Run the ./ script, passing the path to your stack configuration as an argument. Insert your service account ID instead of sa-123456 in the example below. Your service account ID can be found in your client configuration file path (i.e., stack-configs/java-service-account-sa-123456.config).

The METRICS_API_KEY environment variable must be set when you run this script in order to delete the Metrics API key that created for Prometheus to be able to scrape the Metrics API. The key was output at the end of the script, or you can find it in the .env file that created.

METRICS_API_KEY=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ./ stack-configs/java-service-account-sa-123456.config

You will see output like the following once all local containers and Confluent Cloud resources have been cleaned up:

[+] Running 7/7
  Container kafka-lag-exporter               Removed                                                         0.6s
  Container grafana                          Removed                                                         0.5s
  Container prometheus                       Removed                                                         0.5s
  Container node-exporter                    Removed                                                         0.4s
  Container ccloud-observability-consumer-1  Removed                                                         0.6s
  Container ccloud-observability-producer-1  Removed                                                         0.6s
  Network ccloud-observability_default       Removed                                                         0.1s
This script will destroy all resources in java-service-account-sa-123456.config.  Do you want to proceed? [y/n] y
Now using "env-123456" as the default (active) environment.
Destroying Confluent Cloud stack associated to service account id sa-123456
Deleting CLUSTER: demo-kafka-cluster-sa-123456 : lkc-123456
Deleted Kafka cluster "lkc-123456".
Deleted service account "sa-123456".
Deleting ENVIRONMENT: prefix ccloud-stack-sa-123456 : env-123456
Deleted environment "env-123456".