Kafka REST for Confluent Cloud Developers

Kafka REST APIs, listed in the API reference under CLUSTER ADMIN FOR KAFKA (V3), are a subset of the Confluent Cloud REST APIs available as core building blocks of Confluent Cloud. You can use the APIs to manage your own account or to integrate Confluent into your product.

The Kafka REST API is a set of cloud-native APIs for administering and using your Kafka clusters. The API endpoint is available by default for all Basic, Standard, and Dedicated clusters and can be accessed via the Confluent Cloud Console.

Kafka REST Quick Start

For a getting started guide and examples, see the REST API Quick Start for Confluent Cloud Developers. This guide shows you how to use the Kafka REST APIs, and also serves as a quick start for using other Confluent Cloud APIs.

Concept Overview

To learn more about Kafka REST, see Kafka REST API Cluster Admin for Kafka (v3).