Networking in Confluent Cloud for GCP

Follow this procedure to configure Confluent Cloud network peering for a cluster in GCP.

A Dedicated Kafka cluster in GCP with VPC Peering enabled. The cluster must be provisioned in its own network and provide a CIDR for Confluent Cloud. For more information about how to create a dedicated cluster, see Create a Cluster in Confluent Cloud.
  1. Navigate to the Cluster Settings page, click the Networking tab, and click Add Peering.

  2. Provide the GCP Project ID and GCP Network Name for your peering connection and click Save. Your peering connection status will transition from “Pending” to “Inactive” in the Confluent Cloud web UI.

    GCP Project ID

    This is a unique identifier for your project. To find the unique identifier for your project, see the Google Cloud Platform dashboard.

    GCP Network Name

    Specify the network name of the peer VPC. To find the network name, navigate to GCP Networking and see VPC Networks.

  3. When the connection status is “Inactive” in the Confluent Cloud web UI, navigate to the GCP Networking select VPC network peering. Click CREATE CONNECTION to create a peering connection the Confluent Cloud.

  4. In the Google Cloud Platform dashboard, fill out the form to initiate a peering connection to Confluent Cloud and click CREATE.


    Specify a name for your peering connection.

    Your VPC network

    Specify the name of your GCP VPC network.

    Peered VPC network

    Select In another project.

    Project ID

    Specify your Confluent Cloud Project ID. You can find this in the Confluent Cloud Networking tab for your cluster.

    VPC network name

    Specify your Confluent Cloud VPC Name. You can find this in the Confluent Cloud Networking tab for your cluster.

  5. When you are done the VPC peering status should display “Active” in the Confluent Cloud web UI.