VPC Peering in Confluent Cloud

You can use virtual private clouds (VPC) with Confluent Cloud Enterprise to maximize the security of your cloud infrastructure.

You can create VPCs with a private IP CIDR blocks such as, and run your instances inside the VPCs on these private networks. The VPC can include applications and all of your cloud services. You can then peer your VPCs with Confluent VPCs so that you can access Confluent Cloud within the linked private networks.

Supported Features

Confluent Cloud Enterprise supports the following VPC peering features:

  • Single (1:1) VPC peering to one or more Confluent Cloud VPCs. You can peer one private VPC with one or more Confluent Cloud VPCs.
  • Confluent Cloud VPC can contain any number of clusters.


  • All clusters in a Confluent Cloud VPC must have same HA configuration (i.e., all single AZ or multi-AZ clusters).
  • Private and Confluent Cloud VPCs must be in the same region (e.g. AWS us-east-1).

Learn More

For more information about VPC peering with AWS and GCP, see these resources: