Kafka Connect Kinesis Source Connector

The Kinesis Source Connector is used to pull data from Amazon Kinesis and persist the data to a Kafka topic.

Install the Kinesis Connector

You can install this connector by using the Confluent Hub client (recommended) or you can manually download the ZIP file.

Confluent Hub

Navigate to your Confluent Platform installation directory and run this command to install the latest (latest) connector version. The connector must be installed on every machine where Connect will be run.

confluent-hub install confluentinc/kafka-connect-kinesis:latest

You can install a specific version by replacing latest with a version number. For example:

confluent-hub install confluentinc/kafka-connect-kinesis:1.0.0-preview


Download the ZIP file and extract it into a directory that is listed on the plugin path of the Connect worker configuration properties (e.g. plugin.path=/usr/local/share/kafka/plugins). This must be done on each of the installations where Connect will be run. For more information, see Installing Plugins.


This configuration is used typically along with standalone workers.

aws.access.key.id=< Required Configuration >
aws.secret.key.id=< Required Configuration >
kafka.topic=< Required Configuration >
kinesis.stream=< Required Configuration >

This configuration is used typically along with distributed workers. Write the following json to connector.json, configure all of the required values, and use the command below to post the configuration to one the distributed connect worker(s). Check here for more information about the Kafka Connect Rest API

Connect Distributed REST example
  "config" : {
    "name" : "KinesisSourceConnector1",
    "connector.class" : "io.confluent.connect.kinesis.KinesisSourceConnector",
    "tasks.max" : "1",
    "aws.access.key.id" : "< Required Configuration >",
    "aws.secret.key.id" : "< Required Configuration >",
    "kafka.topic" : "< Required Configuration >",
    "kinesis.stream" : "< Required Configuration >"

Use curl to post the configuration to one of the Kafka Connect Workers. Change http://localhost:8083/ the the endpoint of one of your Kafka Connect worker(s).

Create a new connector
curl -s -X POST -H 'Content-Type: application/json' --data @connector.json http://localhost:8083/connectors
Update an existing connector
curl -s -X PUT -H 'Content-Type: application/json' --data @connector.json http://localhost:8083/connectors/KinesisSourceConnector1/config