Kafka Connectors

Self-managed connectors

Use connectors to copy data between Apache Kafka® and other systems that you want to pull data from or push data to. You can download connectors from Confluent Hub.


For managed connectors available on Confluent Cloud, see Connect External Systems to Confluent Cloud.

Popular connectors
Managing connectors
All connectors

ActiveMQ Sink

ActiveMQ Source

Amazon CloudWatch Logs Source

Amazon CloudWatch Metrics Sink

Amazon Kinesis Source

Amazon S3 Sink

Amazon S3 Source

Amazon SQS Source

AMPS Source

Apache HBase Sink

Appdynamics Metrics Sink

AWS DynamoDB Sink

AWS Lambda Sink

AWS Redshift Sink

Azure Blob Storage Sink

Azure Cognitive Search Sink

Azure Blob Storage Source

Azure Data Lake Storage Gen1 Sink

Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 Sink

Azure Event Hubs Source

Azure Functions Sink

Azure Service Bus Source

Azure Synaps Analytics Sink

Cassandra Sink

Data Diode (Source and Sink)

Datadog Metrics Sink

Datagen Source

Elasticsearch Service Sink

FileStream Connectors


GitHub Source

Google BigQuery Sink

Google Cloud BigTable Sink

Google Cloud Dataproc Sink

Google Cloud Functions Sink

Google Cloud Pub/Sub Source

Google Cloud Spanner Sink

Google Cloud Storage Sink

Google Cloud Storage Source

Google Firebase

HDFS 2 Sink

HDFS 2 Source

HDFS 3 Sink

HDFS 3 Source



IBM MQ Source

InfluxDB (Source and Sink)

JDBC Source and Sink

Jira Source

JMS Sink

JMS Source

Kudu (Source and Sink)

MapR DB Sink

Marketo Source

Microsoft SQL Server Source (Deprecated)

MongoDB Source (Debezium)

MQTT (Source and Sink)

MySQL Source (Debezium)

Netezza Sink

OmniSci Sink

Oracle CDC Source

Pagerduty Sink

PostgresSQL Source (Debezium)

Prometheus Metrics Sink

RabbitMQ Source

RabbitMQ Sink

Redis Sink


Salesforce Bulk API Sink

Salesforce Bulk API Source

Salesforce (Source and Sink)

ServiceNow (Source and Sink)

SFTP (Source and Sink)

SNMP Trap Source

Solace (Source and Sink)

Splunk Sink

Splunk Source

Splunk S2S Source

Spool Dir

SQL Server Source (Debezium)

Syslog Source

Teradata (Source and Sink)


TIBCO Source

Vertica Sink

VMware Tanzu GemFire Sink

Weblogic JMS Source

Zendesk Source