FTPS Connector (Source and Sink) for Confluent Platform


Preview connectors aren’t currently supported, nor are they recommended for production use.

The Kafka Connect FTPS connector is used to integrate with FTPS servers. The Kafka Connect FTPS Source connector provides the capability to watch a directory on an FTPS server for files and read the data as new files are written to the FTPS input directory. Each record in the input file is converted based on the user-supplied schema or an auto-generated schema and sent to a Apache Kafka® topic. The Kafka Connect FTPS Sink connector provides the capability to export data from Apache Kafka® topics to files in an FTPS servers directory. Supported formats are CSV/TSV, Avro, JSON and Parquet. The FTPS Sink connector periodically polls data from Kafka and in turn writes it to the FTPS files.

Install the FTPS Connector

The FTPS connector is compatible with Confluent Platform from version 4.1 (and later). Prior versions do not work with this connector.

You can install this connector by using the Confluent Hub client installation instructions or by manually downloading the ZIP file.



You must install the connector on every machine where Connect will run.

  • An installation of the Confluent Hub Client.


    This is installed by default with Confluent Enterprise.

  • An installation of the latest (latest) connector version.

    To install the latest connector version, navigate to your Confluent Platform installation directory and run the following command:

    confluent-hub install confluentinc/kafka-connect-ftps:latest

    You can install a specific version by replacing latest with a version number as shown in the following example:

    confluent-hub install confluentinc/kafka-connect-ftps:1.1.0-preview

Install the connector manually

Download and extract the ZIP file for your connector and then follow the manual connector installation instructions.


You can use this connector for a 30-day trial period without a license key.

After 30 days, you must purchase a connector subscription which includes Confluent enterprise license keys to subscribers, along with enterprise-level support for Confluent Platform and your connectors. If you are a subscriber, please contact Confluent Support at support@confluent.io for more information.

See Confluent Licensing and Confluent Licensing for license properties and License topic configuration and License topic configuration for information about the license topic.

Configuration Properties

For a complete list of configuration properties for the source connector, see FTPS Source Connector Configuration Properties.

For a complete list of configuration properties for the sink connector, see FTPS Sink Connector Configuration Properties.