Source code for confluent_kafka._model

# Copyright 2022 Confluent Inc.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.

from enum import Enum
from .. import cimpl

[docs]class Node: """ Represents node information. Used by :class:`ConsumerGroupDescription` Parameters ---------- id: int The node id of this node. id_string: String representation of the node id. host: The host name for this node. port: int The port for this node. rack: str The rack for this node. """ def __init__(self, id, host, port, rack=None): = id self.id_string = str(id) = host self.port = port self.rack = rack def __str__(self): return f"({}) {}:{self.port} {f'(Rack - {self.rack})' if self.rack else ''}"
[docs]class ConsumerGroupTopicPartitions: """ Represents consumer group and its topic partition information. Used by :meth:`AdminClient.list_consumer_group_offsets` and :meth:`AdminClient.alter_consumer_group_offsets`. Parameters ---------- group_id: str Id of the consumer group. topic_partitions: list(TopicPartition) List of topic partitions information. """ def __init__(self, group_id, topic_partitions=None): self.group_id = group_id self.topic_partitions = topic_partitions
[docs]class ConsumerGroupState(Enum): """ Enumerates the different types of Consumer Group State. Note that the state :py:attr:`UNKOWN` (typo one) is deprecated and will be removed in future major release. Use :py:attr:`UNKNOWN` instead. """ #: State is not known or not set UNKNOWN = cimpl.CONSUMER_GROUP_STATE_UNKNOWN #: .. deprecated:: 2.3.0 #: #: Use :py:attr:`UNKNOWN` instead. UNKOWN = UNKNOWN #: Preparing rebalance for the consumer group. PREPARING_REBALANCING = cimpl.CONSUMER_GROUP_STATE_PREPARING_REBALANCE #: Consumer Group is completing rebalancing. COMPLETING_REBALANCING = cimpl.CONSUMER_GROUP_STATE_COMPLETING_REBALANCE #: Consumer Group is stable. STABLE = cimpl.CONSUMER_GROUP_STATE_STABLE #: Consumer Group is dead. DEAD = cimpl.CONSUMER_GROUP_STATE_DEAD #: Consumer Group is empty. EMPTY = cimpl.CONSUMER_GROUP_STATE_EMPTY def __lt__(self, other): if self.__class__ != other.__class__: return NotImplemented return self.value < other.value
[docs]class TopicCollection: """ Represents collection of topics in the form of different identifiers for the topic. Parameters ---------- topic_names: list(str) List of topic names. """ def __init__(self, topic_names): self.topic_names = topic_names
[docs]class TopicPartitionInfo: """ Represents partition information. Used by :class:`TopicDescription`. Parameters ---------- id : int Id of the partition. leader : Node Leader broker for the partition. replicas: list(Node) Replica brokers for the partition. isr: list(Node) In-Sync-Replica brokers for the partition. """ def __init__(self, id, leader, replicas, isr): = id self.leader = leader self.replicas = replicas self.isr = isr
[docs]class IsolationLevel(Enum): """ Enum for Kafka isolation levels. Values: ------- """ READ_UNCOMMITTED = cimpl.ISOLATION_LEVEL_READ_UNCOMMITTED #: Receive all the offsets. READ_COMMITTED = cimpl.ISOLATION_LEVEL_READ_COMMITTED #: Skip offsets belonging to an aborted transaction. def __lt__(self, other): if self.__class__ != other.__class__: return NotImplemented return self.value < other.value