The Apache Kafka C/C++ client library
Class Hierarchy

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This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CRdKafka::BrokerMetadataMetadata: Broker information
 CRdKafka::ConfConfiguration interface
 CRdKafka::ConsumeCbConsume callback class
 CRdKafka::ConsumerGroupMetadataConsumerGroupMetadata holds a consumer instance's group metadata state
 CRdKafka::DeliveryReportCbDelivery Report callback class
 CRdKafka::ErrorUsed as a return value from APIs to propagate an error. The error consists of an error code which is to be used programatically, an error string for showing to the user, and various error flags that can be used programmatically to decide how to handle the error; e.g., should the operation be retried, was it a fatal error, etc
 CRdKafka::EventEvent object class as passed to the EventCb callback
 CRdKafka::EventCbEvent callback class
 CRdKafka::HandleBase handle, super class for specific clients
 CRdKafka::ConsumerSimple Consumer (legacy)
 CRdKafka::KafkaConsumerHigh-level KafkaConsumer (for brokers 0.9 and later)
 CRdKafka::Headers::HeaderHeader object
 CRdKafka::HeadersHeaders object
 CRdKafka::MessageMessage object
 CRdKafka::MessageTimestampMessage timestamp object
 CRdKafka::MetadataMetadata container
 CRdKafka::OAuthBearerTokenRefreshCbSASL/OAUTHBEARER token refresh callback class
 CRdKafka::OffsetCommitCbOffset Commit callback class
 CRdKafka::OpenCbPortability: OpenCb callback class
 CRdKafka::PartitionerCbPartitioner callback class
 CRdKafka::PartitionerKeyPointerCbVariant partitioner with key pointer
 CRdKafka::PartitionMetadataMetadata: Partition information
 CRdKafka::QueueQueue interface
 Crd_kafka_err_descError code value, name and description. Typically for use with language bindings to automatically expose the full set of librdkafka error codes
 Crd_kafka_group_infoGroup information
 Crd_kafka_group_listList of groups
 Crd_kafka_group_member_infoGroup member information
 Crd_kafka_message_tA Kafka message as returned by the rd_kafka_consume*() family of functions as well as provided to the Producer dr_msg_cb()
 Crd_kafka_metadata_broker_tBroker information
 Crd_kafka_metadata_partition_tPartition information
 Crd_kafka_metadata_tMetadata container
 Crd_kafka_metadata_topic_tTopic information
 Crd_kafka_topic_partition_list_tA growable list of Topic+Partitions
 Crd_kafka_topic_partition_tTopic+Partition place holder
 Crd_kafka_vu_tVTYPE + argument container for use with rd_kafka_produce_va()
 CRdKafka::RebalanceCbKafkaConsumer: Rebalance callback class
 CRdKafka::SocketCbPortability: SocketCb callback class
 CRdKafka::SslCertificateVerifyCbSSL broker certificate verification class
 CRdKafka::TopicTopic handle
 CRdKafka::TopicMetadataMetadata: Topic information