Confluent CLI Command Reference


The available Confluent CLI commands are documented here.


Command Description
confluent admin Perform administrative tasks for the current organization.
confluent api-key Manage API keys.
confluent asyncapi Manage AsyncAPI document tooling.
confluent audit-log Manage audit log configuration.
confluent billing Manage Confluent Cloud billing.
confluent byok Manage your keys in Confluent Cloud.
confluent cloud-signup Sign up for Confluent Cloud.
confluent completion Print shell completion code.
confluent configuration Configure the Confluent CLI.
confluent connect Manage Kafka Connect.
confluent context Manage CLI configuration contexts.
confluent environment Manage and select Confluent Cloud environments.
confluent feedback Submit feedback for the Confluent CLI.
confluent flink Manage Apache Flink.
confluent iam Manage RBAC and IAM permissions.
confluent kafka Manage Apache Kafka.
confluent ksql Manage ksqlDB.
confluent local Manage a local Confluent Platform development environment.
confluent login Log in to Confluent Cloud or Confluent Platform.
confluent logout Log out of Confluent Cloud.
confluent organization Manage your Confluent Cloud organizations.
confluent pipeline Manage Stream Designer pipelines.
confluent plugin Manage Confluent plugins.
confluent price See Confluent Cloud pricing information.
confluent prompt Add Confluent CLI context to your terminal prompt.
confluent schema-registry Manage Schema Registry.
confluent service-quota Look up Confluent Cloud service quota limits.
confluent shell Start an interactive shell.
confluent stream-share Manage stream shares.
confluent update Update the Confluent CLI.
confluent version Show version of the Confluent CLI.